Solutions are reached from various avenues and combinations of options.

Below are the various Services we offer to our Clients.

Technical Program Management >>

  • Development of Strategic project plans, timelines and deliverables.
  • Accurate scope discovery and requirements definition.
  • Identify and coordinate development of new deployment processes.
  • Identify business and schedule constraints.
  • Risk mitigation plan for key objectives.

Technical Project Management >>

  • Discovery
    • Define scope, project requirements and constraints.
    • Identify business and schedule constraints.
    • Identify technical risks and develop mitigating plans.
  • Project plan definition
    • Deliver a project plan including timeline and resource requirements.
    • Identify schedule and project risks.
  • Implementation
    • Identify and status budget impacts and issues.
    • Engage all engineering resources.
    • Implement project plan, manage timeline and business expectations.
    • Ensure adherence to existing operational standards and identify need for new ones.

Architecture/Engineering: Design, Implementation & Documentation Services >>

  • Network Infrastructure – the deployment of network architecture which provides a framework for application platforms and services.
  • Security alert and/or monitoring of existing systems – the enabling and installation of various monitoring/alerting tools which provide insight and alarm to defined user group.
  • Identify technical risks and develop mitigating plans.
  • Leverage experience base to assist the architecture and network groups in the development of project requirements.
  • New system designs – the development of new techniques and technical solutions which provide a robust and secure environment for selected business transactions.
  • Provide expertise and assistance in emerging designs and networking changes, in order to insure that Operations can properly maintain and effectively manage the support of all future network infrastructure and server implementations.
  • Provide engineering support in the review of new designs and ensuring their compliance with existing customer security practices.

Operations Department/Organization Solutions >>

  • Ensure project scope and deliverables meet existing and future operations group standards for deployment.
  • Provide project management office the ability to assess long term and critical path needs.
  • Assist in the development of tactical processes and resource organization to implement the strategic goals and visions laid out by the director of operations.
  • Provide expertise in the development of new process documentation depicting the management and deployment of new network infrastructure.

Professional Services Solution >>

  • Provide engineering support and staff augmentation to the architecture and functional network groups.
  • To successfully address projects and mitigate project management cost. We often augment the existing operations project management group as follows:
    • Put in place a core team of individuals with significant project management experience
    • These individuals form 1st tier and are subject matter experts to ensure interdependency between projects is addressed.
    • Combined experience enables quick identification of project issue, mitigation & risk to schedule or implementation.
  • From a Tactical perspective:
    • Augment existing project management corps with individuals who will leverage the SME’s experience in the performance of all their projects.
    • Support Customer initiatives which indirectly/directly affect project success.

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